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Change your water! Change your Health!

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RF Skin Rejuvenation Equipment RF-1


Are you still worried about your wrinkles, pouches, loose skin, and other aging problems? If you are tired of the "coating applied wiping" effect of these traditional methods can not afford a brand new beauty technology patent, you can achieve your dream of looking 10 years younger! At this moment you can get 10 years of your youth back!

If you can pull your skin by your hand and it can be easily stretched, this indicates that your skin already has begun to loosen! Fold! Droop! These are the "aging" signs! Loose skin, wrinkles and pouches make you look 10 years older.

Skincare products are very difficult in solving these problems, but Mesotherapy can be done immediately to tighten loose skin, remove wrinkles, and make Pouches disappear! It will make you look 10 years younger.

Your forehead, eyes, pouches, cheeks, mouth, jaw, and chin are the most vulnerable parts of facial aging areas that show wrinkles, loose skin, and sagging; what’s more, it reveals the secret of your age! So, to change this you have to pay attention to every little detail! You can use RF for seven parts of the precise areas to sculpture your forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, jaw, and chin 15 minutes at a time which can effectively remove forehead wrinkles, and make your chin, forehead and face smooth!


Treatment Scope of RF Wrinkle Remover

Face: Thin line, forehead wrinkle, cheek line, wrinkle around lip, neck line, double

Chin, skin-smoothing.

Eye: The RF is effective for eyelid-sagging, crows- feet, wrinkles under eye and


Chest: Enhance chest shape, breast-beautifying and chest-strengthening.

Body: Tighten the loose-skin of arm, waist, abdomen, and leg and pregnancy line.


Skin-lift around eye.

Tighten neck skin.

Improve drooping and slack nose wrinkle.

Firm forehead skin and lessen wrinkles.

Lift and tighten breasts.

Tighten and sculpt the back.

Tighten and sculpt the waist.

Sculpt the buttocks and legs.

Tenderize skin of hands.

RF Wrinkle Remover (RF1)

Type of Light source                                     Bipolar RF

Display                                                         Color LeD

1 handle

Radio frequency                                           Up to 10MHz

RF energy                                                    0-50J/cm

Area spot of hand piece                              13*16cm

Diameter of probe                                       1cm, 3cm

Temperature of probe                                 -10C~-20C

Power                                                          500W

Product Description

RF can immediately make your Skin raise and tighten the face, light small wrinkles disappear, deep wrinkles start lessening, pores smaller. As the radio Frequency can promote cell arrangement and activation of collagen growth, making the effect more lasting.

Beauty SPA is not only expensive, but they also use machines that they are not familiar with.

RF has passed the strict tests of national security and detection, and received the approval of thousands of people.

RF takes into account the challenges of current and urgent life-styles, so the design is for simple operation and convenient use.

RF can help you save thousands of dollars on cosmetics, you can do it while you are at home, 15 minutes one time and you don't need to go to a beauty SPA every time you need facial attention.

RF is made for different ages, all skin types, men and women. The effects can be seen on the spot! A single instrument the whole family can use and enjoy.

RF be non-invasive cosmetic surgery, facelift surgery, without stopping the work of a single course of beauty treatments. This therapy system is very unique. It does not only have an immediate firming effect, but also promotes long-term collagen regeneration. The reason why the skin is elastic is because of the skin's collagen fibers within the dermis of skin collagen to form the stents. Aging, too much work and fatigue causes a reduction of secretions of collagen in the skin and delicate skin begins to loose and dry. There have been issues such as wrinkles and gloss loss. Thus to keep the skin youthful the skin must increase collagen content.

RF frequency is neither a laser nor IPL (Intense Pulsed Light, photons) but is very similar to microwave electromagnetic waves - but not the microwave.

Radio frequency (referred to as RF) technology is a non-surgical cosmetic, quasi-medical method of wholehearted beauty, the most commonly used to enhance facial care.

RF Radio Frequency Beauty can tighten the skin and tighten skin and deep tissues, to the relaxation of the facial drooping, or re-enhance the effect.

RF devices adapted a Capacitive coupling electrode to deliver radio Frequency, and produce an electric field across the skin surface into the subcutaneous tissue. In the high frequency of 6MHz, the electric field change polarity 6 million times per second. To quickly change the electrode response, the skin of the charged particles in the same frequency will change direction. Then the subcutaneous tissue of the natural heat resistance movement, it is the use of collagen in the dermis 45 to 60 degrees Celsius temperature will produce immediate contraction characteristics, can leave loose skin after the treatment an immediate lift effect. When used continuously produces collagen, they will make the skin dermal layer thickness and density increase, fill wrinkles, remove scars, restore skin elasticity and luster.

Thermal effects of RF frequency for the best bio-0.6-8MHz, a very variable rate of up to 6 million times per second, the organization charged particles in the electrode with the same rapid change in the frequency of natural resistance to changing the direction of RF current dermal tissue resulting heat.


① non-surgical;

② non-invasive;

③ without bloodshed;

④ painless;

⑤ no trace;

⑥ non-invasive;

⑦ no recovery;

⑧ treatment time is short (15-20 minutes each); ⑨ time to bear fruit fast (up to 20% when the effect of 2-6 months up to 90%

⑩ lasts long time (Note: collagen production to decline is generally 3-5 years)

① instead of surgical face-lifts and beyond;

② tightens loose skin;

③ eliminates true, false wrinkles;

④ repairs stretch marks;

⑤ treatment of acne;

How to use

1. Connect host, RF bipolar radiofrequency pen, power adapter and plug in the power.

2. Use the gel, cream or oil evenly as needed to operate the site, the use of essential oils to be absorbed first by hand massage;

3. Turn on the host switch and select the weak (gel using file), medium (cream use the file), strong (essential oils to use file);If low blood pressure, please have somethaing first. The machine may decrease blood sugar.

4. Use RF bipolar radiofrequency pen to take action on the site, press the pen on the switch (RF pen probe at this time there will be infrared bright white light that began the RF output current, and relaxation that is cut off the output power, while the infrared light off white during operation, such as the skin feels hot, relaxed switching off the output power that is, control of security to you!), to be operational in position to quickly move, eyes, nasolabial folds, wrinkles and other parts move back and forth along the texture, facial and other large area parts of the circular motion moving from the inside to the outside. For the first time, it is recommended to use the weak.




1. While using the instruments, the skin should be cleaned carefully, and evenly coat wrinkle essence in needed parts to ensure that during the entire operation, the skin will always keep moist.

2. Using the instrument, run the probe closely so it aligns closely with the skin, the skin and the appropriate pressure (if too weak, it will have no effect; if too strong and pulls over, it will hurt the skin).

3. The proposed time of each operation is 3-5 minutes, use once a day; maintenance of care, may be every two or three days’ time.

4. When using the equipment, please remove all metal jewelry from the body, so as not to weaken the effect of plasma pulse.

5. For sensitive skin using this instrument there will be slight swelling, but that is normal. It will soon subside.

6. Before going to sleep at night is the best time for doing this because the skin can fully absorb the nutrients.

7. When the apparatus is in use the probe temperature will raise a little, this is a normal function.


8.If the user has injected hyaluronic acid, collagen in the last six months, please consult the doctor beforehand.

9. If the user was injected artificial fillers such as silica gel, it is not recommended for treatment.

10. The persons who are with heart disease, fitted with a pacemaker and pregnant women are not recommended for treatment.




1. Do I need to do RF?

If you are 30 years old or older you skin collagen - gradually - because of the loss of support, will cause the skin on your face, neck, upper arms and abdomen to droop, and wrinkle, so you may look older. If you do not want knife surgery to tighten your natural skin and restore young appearance - Mesotherapy a non-surgical facelift is your best choice!

2. RF takes long time for curing?

Treatment time depends on the size of the treatment. Treatment areas vary, so it usually takes about 15-20 minutes once a day the first month, one month after gradually reduced to 2 times / week.

3. What are the changes you will see after you use the RF?

87% of people will see immediate collagen contraction, and immediately see the emergence of compact effects. Next, because your mother cells within the dermis will regenerate new collagen and after 6 months will continue to compact loose skin from Lahti, while reducing wrinkles, re-shaping the tight facial lines your appearance will be younger.

4. After treatment, how long can I see results?

RF is a treatment to the skin and makes it react immediately firming it up - usually in spas, to do this requires about 15 times more intensive treatment. With RF you can see the obvious compact improved results. Then, with the continued restructuring of collagen regeneration, the effect of shaping the skin after treatment, after 2 months will be more apparent.

5. How long can the results stay?

Studies show satisfied results can be maintained at least 2 years and even longer to maintain the length of time. Due to natural aging rate progress varies.

6. How many times do I need do for a month

25 to 30 times

7. Why some people get pox after using?

Because the skin metabolism is slow, and when the toxins from the skin are not smooth they will get pox to expel the toxins.

8. Why does the RF will increase after the redness?

In using the RF device the micro vascular circulation of the skin and small capillaries in the skin, blood vessels rapidly increase, causing an increase in the illusion of skin capillaries.


9.Why can't I use RF with botulinum toxin?

Because of botulinum toxin paralysis of the muscle nerve, the effects of the RF device are not good for this, so we do not recommend you use our RF device with injections of botulinum toxin.



Quality is good, it is working.

I have seen same product over five hundred.excellent deal.

Highest Recommendations!



RF Wrinkle Remover RF1

RF-1 Wrinkle Remover

Price: $304.95

RF Wrinkle Remover RF1



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