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Change your water! Change your Health!



  • Jennifer Louie:
  • I was suffering from migranes and back aches. Let me put it this way – my doctor ended up buying 2 units from me and I saved a ton of money in health care, prescriptions and over the counter meds. Their support staff is like speaking to a friend, very sincere. Thank you again.

  • George & Arlene Hege:

  • Both my husband George and I are very happy with the level of service and personal attention provided. They were very patient when we had questions about installing our machine and even sent a plumber to our door just to make it easy for us. We love the taste and recommend to all of our family.

  • Christin Melitta (with her daughter Kim):

  • I was feeling bloated, the water from our well was affecting the health of my family before we switched. I have a 8 months old daughter, so I was very concerned. I like the fact that how they sent me a custom prefilter for my well water. The results were immediate. I sleep through the night, wake up with a ton of energy and no more digestion problems.

  • Barbara Midcalf:

  • EHM Water Ionizer’s units are quality, cost less and have lifetime warranty. Their support is fantastic. I became a distributor, they send all kind of leads my way. That makes my job quite easy selling. This business saved my marriage, my house and my family both by keeping us healthy and financially stable. I love you guys!


I have chronic high blood pressure. I have been on 3 different types of blood pressure medications for the last two years because of this. Only these three could keep my pressure down from 223/176. It kept down but only to 169/105 sometimes on a good day it would be in the 145/95 – 99. I was always tired and weak. I began using the EHM 929 Water Ionizer a month ago. My Pressure starting dropping to 128/89 so I started cutting back on my medications and only took 2 pills not all 3. I knew that it would take time for the alkaline water to work so I just watched it closely. A month after starting I took my blood pressure last night and it was 116/86!!! I was dumbfounded!! I had not taken any blood pressure medication for the entire day and I took my pressure at midnight! I will never be without this machine. It is truly a lifesaver. My husband’s pressure today is 126/78 and he has not had a blood pressure pill today either.

Carolyn, Texas:

I have been using your Ionic Foot Bath for nearly 2 years now. I have suffered with Neurovascular pain from 2 bouts of Polio and Chronic Fatigue/Epstein Bar and degenerative spinal disease.. Recently my electronic box needed replaced and there were some weeks that I didn't have use of the machine. My body ached all over and it was difficult to function. As soon as the element was replaced and I began using it again the pain began slowly leaving and I have returned to daily chores again.

I have shared my machine with many others and we are always amazed at the results. One of my friends had blood clots so badly in his ankles that his feet was swollen and red splotches all over. One treatment pulled the blood clots out and for the first time in 15 years his feet looked normal.

I am working with a lady from the church whose legs and feet are so swollen, red and scaly patches all over. We have given her 2 treatments and already can see the results. The swelling is going down and the redness is reduced.

My energy level increases after having a treatment and it has enabled me to have a much richer life.

Thank you so much.

56 Year Old Male, Florida:

I have been suffering for the last 12 years from what doctors call, "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome." It has kept me from living a normal life and at times I have been bedridden for 2-3 months at a time.

I have been doing the Ion Foot Baths for a few months now and I am doing better than I have been doing in years. It is amazing what effect toxins can have on your body! Wonderful product! I would recommend it to anyone!

65 Year Old Female:

I am 65 years old and on my feet 80-10 hours a day and my feet ache a lot. Since doing only 2 foot baths I feel so much better. I am looking forward to more detox and continuing to improve my condition.

60 Year Old Female:

I have water on the knee and it has gone down considerably since doing my foot baths. My mouth also feels better.

39 Year Old Male:

I have water on the knee and work with machinery. My doctor wanted to drain it. I did 3 foot baths in one week and the swelling went down and no pain. Wonderful!


I refill my gallon jugs at Walmart filling station with R.O. water for $ .27/gallon but had found it to be too acid on account of the minerals having been removed by this purification process. A little amending with this mineral stick has definitely improved the pH since I notice my esophagus does not feel strange as it did before. I knew something was wrong when even antacids didn't relieve heartburn. I put it straight into my gallon jug and shake. I leave it in there until the gallon is almost gone and I switch it over to a new one. This is my second one, as I don't want to be without one.

Bike Rider:

I bought the first one for my traveling mother. Her testimony of treating the Hotel water and making smoother tasting coffee encouraged me to order one for myself. I'm glad I did because now I can make my own alkaline water.


So many of my friends saw me using this thing and wanted water from it. My entire family now drinks alkaline water.


It works great and raised the PH of the water up at least 2 points.

Our water is rather acid (around a 5-6 PH) and this brings it up to about an 8 ph.

I got a test kit from home depot and tested the bottle water that we drink as well.

It also tested at a Ph of 5!! I was suprised how acid it was, especially if you are paying for what you think is healthy water! We switched to a different brand of bottled water that consistently tested at about a 7.2 PH and we put that through this pitcher which raises it to about a 9.5 PH. More and more research seems to be showing that drinking water above the neutral PH of 7, is very beneficial to your overal health. I hope that is true. I did notice right away after about 2 weeks of drinking water through this pitcher that my skin got a lot clearer. Overall I am very pleased with this product!

If you are looking to increase your water PH level in a cheap way and get some added health benefits then I think you will be happy with this product!!


I tested the water and it had ph 6.25 which made it alkaline. Alkaline water is better for us to drink. Even my dogs and cat drink alkaline water. I notice that my dogs prefer to drink their alkaline water then drink water at the dog park. Interesting? I hope this helps.

Ms. C:

Once you taste this water you will never forget the taste. Even when you drink water from other places, you'll always remember the taste of this water filter


We noticed a difference in our health immediately. My husband was so impressed with the pitcher and filter. I will continue to order this product as it has made a huge difference in how we feel!! We need these minerals in our water! Stop drinking dead water people!!!!